Subjective Success

In some roles, it’s easy to define your win. If you’re a sales rep, for example, or a runner.

In others, success is harder to measure. Just ask a pastor or a social worker. But in any job, what looks like success from the outside may not feel like success from the inside.

Think of your role models in your field. (I hope at least a couple come to mind easily). What have they done that makes them admirable to you? Continue reading “Subjective Success”

Allowing for Change

When our second daughter was 12, we rented an RV and toured around Alberta, Canada. Family vacations were not her favourite at the time. Famously, at one point she sneered at us with derision and said, “YOU want ME to go hiking in the Rockies??!”

Today, at 22, she is in Banff, Alberta and sent us the following text: “I am having so much fun. How did I not like this before?”

No one wants to be held to the opinions of their 12-year-old self. Continue reading “Allowing for Change”

Certain in Uncertainty

You can always choose your reaction.

True. And your mindset. And when you sleep and what you eat. As Lisa O’Neill reminded us at TLBS this past week, we need to “control the controllables.” Lots of things lie within our sphere of control.

But there sure are a lot of things that don’t, and the uncertainty is taking its toll. As one client said to me recently, “My people just can’t seem to find much relief from the stress these days.” Continue reading “Certain in Uncertainty”

The Sweet Spot of Essential Work

We’ve heard a great deal about “essential workers” in recent months. Our understanding of who falls into that category is shifting to include not just first responders and front-line health care workers, but now manufacturers of disinfectant wipes and face shields!

As I sat enjoying an evening porch visit with a long-time friend recently, she reflected on some of the things she’s learned during the pandemic. “I now know that I must do two things, even if I have to do them differently. I have to connect with people, and I have to create. Non-negotiable to me being fully me.” Continue reading “The Sweet Spot of Essential Work”