On February 27, 2020, I was sitting in a workshop in Melbourne, Australia and wrote this in my notebook:

That’s what I was craving at the time. Some breathing room, both in real and symbolic terms.

Be careful what you wish for! Two weeks later, my calendar was virtually empty. Ten trips cancelled; more than twenty projects postponed. Continue reading “Spaciousness”

The Sound of Silence

In a meeting last week, an Italian colleague commented to me that our Canadian Prime Minister sure knows how to use the power of silence, and that world class facilitators know the same thing.

In case you missed it, here’s the clip Gerardo was referring to. It clearly made the rounds worldwide:

Silence in a meeting can make us uncomfortable. Continue reading “The Sound of Silence”

Stressful Gratitude

Throughout this period of lockdown, I’ve been so looking forward to the collective waves of gratitude that we’d experience, just as we’ve lived through the pandemic restrictions collectively. Small things we’d taken for granted would be cause for celebration.

While that has partly been true as various constraints have recently been eased where I live, a more dominant emotion in me and those close to me has been stress. Continue reading “Stressful Gratitude”

Influencing Change

“How many problems in our lives and in society are we tolerating simply because we’ve forgotten that we can fix them?”[1]

This week I’ve been reading various books on the subject of influence. How people change their behaviour, and how other people can persuade them to do so. So timely.

Jonah Berger’s book The Catalyst is framed this way, “Rather than asking what might convince someone to change…start with a more basic question: Why hasn’t that person changed already?”[2] Continue reading “Influencing Change”

The One Thing I’ve Learned This Week

“What is the one thing you’ve learned this week?” It was a question sent to me on Twitter and, true to form, I struggled to answer it. Only one?

The One Thing is a book I’ve really appreciated. Its core concept of “What’s the one thing you can do such that by doing it, everything else would be easier or unnecessary?” appeals to me, in a “Wow, I wish I could figure that out” kind of way. Continue reading “The One Thing I’ve Learned This Week”