Is your work working? 

I create space and structure for you and your partner organizations to make sure your model is still relevant before you continue implementing it.


Refreshing your strategy?

I create a process to help your team articulate priorities so you can say a strong ‘yes’ to great opportunities and a shared ‘no’ to ones that don’t align.


Navigating a transition?

I create experiences that help you regroup and accelerate through this season of uncertainty with more clarity and momentum.

Reimagine your Next Chapter
in Costa Rica

Join me February 8-16, 2025 for an immersive coaching experience designed to help you build clarity and momentum as you navigate your next chapter. The adventure includes tours and exploration, workshops, group and 1:1 coaching, time to clear your mind, wise advice and more.

If you or your organization
are looking to reimagine your next chapter,
you’re in the right place.

Reimagine Your Next Chapter With Me

I’ve been described as someone with “warm, wise energy” and it’s contagious. I bring and build energy. 

I’m a world class facilitator, certified coach, bestselling author and trusted advisor.

Having facilitated strategic planning in the social sector for more than 25 years, I am increasingly convinced that purpose-driven leaders need to work together to build shared strategies for more coordinated impact. And they need to do their own individual work — creating their own personal strategic plans to make sure their life choices are staying aligned with what’s most important to them.

And that’s why I’m excited to work with you to help you redesign your next chapter — personally, organizationally or across your network or sector.


Let me inspire your group to grow into its imaginative potential and be energized by its need to adapt.


Amazon Bestselling Author
I’ve written three books so far. One is on nimble facilitation. The second is on facilitating strategic planning. And the third is on discerning what is fixed and flexible so that you can adapt to change as a leader.


Reading is optional. Staying relevant isn’t.
Join me for this free book club, where I read
the books so you don’t have to.


An ecological program guiding people
through midlife transitions.


Craving Contribution

We all want to spend our time in meaningful ways and for our efforts to make a difference. When individuals and organizations are navigating a transition and reimagining their next chapter, a fear of moving from a season of deep meaning to one of lighter contribution can paralyze us.

Craving Challenge

My mom and my four-year-old granddaughter Tatum are having an ongoing conversation these days about the difference between needs and wants. A recent installment went like this: Grandma: “I’m going grocery shopping, Tatum. Grandad asked me to get him some ‘wants’ not just ‘needs.’ What do you think I should buy him?” Tatum: “Definitely cookies.”