If you are a community builder and collaborator
looking to make wiser decisions faster,
you’re in the right place.

Navigating the New Normal

The entire world is experiencing a series of shocks and shifts that are truly unprecedented. Maybe you have unexpected time for professional development right now. Maybe you need to acquire new skills at a faster pace than any of us expected. It could be that you’re trying to identify your next move amidst the noise. Perhaps you just need an outside perspective as you get things sorted.

I would be honoured to join you on your journey as we all figure things out.

Trusted perspective for leaders

  • Nimble Strategy – strategic thinking when planning ahead seems impossible
  • Executive Coaching for NonProfit Leaders
  • Walk and talk – one-on-one support by phone to help you lead well in unsettled times
  • Wiser by Choice – an online leadership book club with no reading required
  • Re-entry planning – discern what you and your team want to learn, keep and amplify from this period of disruption

Live digital training

Facilitation of digital meetings

  • Switching to remote work is enough of a change. Let me help you run your high stakes meetings productively online so that you can pay more attention to the content than figuring out the process.
  • Let me help you translate in-person experiences into live digital ones

I’m ready when you are. Let’s talk.

Collaborative Planning

I am an insightful and high energy collaborative strategist; a world class facilitator who has served as a trusted advisor to hundreds of mission-driven organizations in Canada and internationally for more than 20 years. I bring intellect, enthusiasm and varied experience in strategy development and collaborative leadership to my speaking, writing and mentoring. I am a skilled communicator, with a particular gift for helping leaders make wiser decisions faster.

I provide planning and governance support to CEOs and Boards of Directors; strategic analysis to social and health policy makers; multi-stakeholder consultation processes to governments; training in various collaborative skills to teams, and strategic coaching to leaders. Let me leverage my experience as a speaker and mentor for your team.

What’s new?


Sightline book coverEven in uncertain times – perhaps especially then – we need a plan.

To gain traction, that plan doesn’t only rely on other people to make it happen, it needs to be crafted with and by them.

My new book spells out the why and the how of collaborative strategy building.


Enhancing Engagement in Virtual Facilitation

The need for masterful virtual facilitation skills is higher than ever before. Learn the skills and advanced features to improve virtual engagement and help groups collaborate digitally in ways that are participatory and productive.

Join me Tuesday, October 6 from 12-3 p.m. for a workshop through IAP2 Canada to learn how to use advanced Zoom features to improve your virtual engagement.


Facilitating Collaborative Decision Making

Learn how making decisions collaboratively can actually be both wiser and faster. This online workshop through IAP2 Canada will help you facilitate effective group collaboration by being explicit about how decisions will be made, by whom, and based on what considerations, before actually making them.

Thursday, October 8 from 1-4 p.m. ET


Can We Plan at a Time Like This?

Is it even possible to think about planning at a time like this? Join me for a 90-minute webinar to help leaders  determine if their current strategic plan is still relevant, and how to refresh it appropriately in this context of uncertainty.

Monday, November 16 from 1-2:30 p.m. ET



Nimble: Off Script but Still On Track – a coaching guide for responsive facilitation

If you’ve ever planned a meeting that’s gone way differently than you anticipated, and you wish you’d handled it better, this book is for you.

Add our free nimble facilitation and planning resources to your toolkit.


Wiser by Choice

It’s about intentionally levelling up. Deciding to get even better at whatever you do. And finding ways to do it that actually fit your life. Your real, messy, busy life. I know that if you enjoy something, you’ll make time for it. Like a book club with really fun people where you don’t even have to read the book. Sounds great, right?