ELASTIC: Leaders who stretch without snapping back

There aren’t very many of them, but you know who they are. The leaders who have a certain magnetic quality that draws you to them. They capture your interest. They connect with you at a surprisingly deep level. They stay focused even in the midst of volatility around them. They make decisions with intention and conviction. Their work makes a difference.

To mark my 25th year in business, I am taking time to showcase what I see compelling, mission-driven leaders having in common. I’d love to co-create that picture with you and unpack together how we can all become more like them. 

Join me and a group of interesting people for seven 90-minute conversations from December 2021 to June 2022. Each month, we’ll talk about one dimension of ELASTIC leadership: energy, likeability, adaptability, strategy, trust, imagination and curiosity. We’ll discuss where you’ve seen it, why it matters, what we know about it and how to grow it. You’ll set a plan for practicing it. Our conversations and examples will become part of my new book, coming out in 2022, called ELASTIC: Leaders who stretch without snapping back

If you sign up for all seven sessions, you’ll also get free access to the Winter 2022 session of my leadership book club Wiser by Choice (the one where you don’t have to read the books!), an hour of one-on-one coaching, an Adaptability Quotient assessment, a book chosen just for you, and some other surprises.

Purchased separately, these elements would cost over $1,500, and I’m offering it to the first cohort of brave participants for just $749. You are more than worth it. Of course, you are welcome to attend individual sessions of your choice throughout the year, at a cost of $99 each.

The seven 90-minute sessions take place monthly on a Monday from 12-1:30 p.m. ET on the following dates:

  • Energy: December 13
  • Likeability: January 10
  • Adaptability: February 7
  • Strategy: March 7
  • Trust: April 11
  • Imagination: May 16
  • Curiosity: June 13


Monday, December 13
12-1:30 p.m. EST

Full payment is due with your registration (online via PayPal) and is non-refundable. Each session will be recorded and made available to subscribers if they are unable to join a session they registered for.

Registration for each session will open after the previous month’s workshop has taken place. You can register for the full package at any time and will receive access to the recordings of any sessions that have already taken place.