Reshape Your Work

Reshape Your Work

In a rapidly evolving world, doing more of what you’ve always done is unlikely to take you where you want to go. Your past models may no longer be serving you well, and the new path forward isn’t clear. 

Before writing your next chapter, you need to make sure your overall storyline is heading in the right direction. 

That’s why I’m introducing Reshape Your Work — it’s the step before strategic planning. It represents a unique opportunity for organizations to pause wisely and rethink the impact of their ways of working, and/or to join forces with peers within their sector to reshape their collective future. It’s a chance to envision in detail the story you want to be able to tell before you begin to write it. 

Your future is yours to shape.
Don’t go it alone.
Reimagine the impact of your work with others. 

You’ll gain:

  • Alignment of purpose to amplify common ground, reduce redundancies and promote synergy
  • Fresh perspectives to drive innovation
  • Collective impact to tackle challenges beyond the reach of any organization alone
  • Clarity in complexity through professionally facilitated collaboration
  • A shared sense of commitment instead of entrenchment

What you can expect:

  • A series of five workshops — customized, well-facilitated, evidence-based and creative.
  • An opportunity to invite colleagues from across your sector.
  • A cadence that will build momentum best for you — schedule them across one week, six weeks or three months — it’s your choice.
  • A succinct report capturing inspiration and recommendations to keep your work relevant, viable and responsive.

Ready to take the first step towards a compelling and clear vision of your collective future? Contact us today to apply.

Rebecca really knows her “stuff” and is excellent at gently steering the conversations in the right direction to get results. She brings positive energy and momentum into the work, which inspired our team to work hard during more challenging conversations and resulted in creative solutions. I highly recommend working with Rebecca.