Redesign Your Plan

Redesign Your Plan

In today’s volatility, setting strategy may seem pointless. But it’s essential. Here’s why your organization should breathe new life into its strategic plan:

  • Make a bigger difference by transforming your abstract aspirations into concrete goals.
  • What worked yesterday is not likely to work tomorrow. Stay relevant and responsive.
  • Build cohesion by renewing your team’s connection with your purpose and goals.
  • Align your decisions with shared objectives, reducing uncertainty and promoting better decision-making.
  • Explore new opportunities and ways of working to foster innovative and resourceful problem solving.
  • Ensure your resources are aligned with your most important priorities.
  • Partners want to back a winner. Be intentional about the direction you’re going and encourage others to join you on that journey with confidence.
  • Track your progress toward outcomes that matter to you.

What you can expect:

  • Insight gained from more than 25 years of strategy-building experience 
  • A process informed by experience, evidence and imagination
  • Collaboration that builds buy-in and reduced blindspots
  • Professionally facilitated workshops that use time efficiently
  • A comprehensive, flexible package that includes advice, design, facilitation, documentation and implementation coaching
  • A succinct strategic plan with strong buy-in

Prepared to invest in a clear, intentional expression of your organization’s next chapter? Contact us today to apply.

“Rebecca was an incredible partner in the development of our strategic plan. She was a sounding board for ideas and was incredibly adaptable to the many changes we made along the way to our strategy development process. As a facilitator, Rebecca was engaging and really helped our leadership team hone in on what was important to us and our community.”