Redesign Your Plan

Redesign Your Plan

In today’s volatility, setting strategy may seem pointless. But it’s essential. Here’s why your organization should breathe new life into its strategic plan:

  • Make a bigger difference by transforming your abstract aspirations into concrete goals.
  • What worked yesterday is not likely to work tomorrow. Stay relevant and responsive.
  • Build cohesion by renewing your team’s connection with your purpose and goals.
  • Align your decisions with shared objectives, reducing uncertainty and promoting better decision-making.
  • Explore new opportunities and ways of working to foster innovative and resourceful problem solving.
  • Ensure your resources are aligned with your most important priorities.
  • Partners want to back a winner. Be intentional about the direction you’re going and encourage others to join you on that journey with confidence.
  • Track your progress toward outcomes that matter to you.

What you can expect:

  • Insight gained from more than 25 years of strategy-building experience 
  • A process informed by experience, evidence and imagination
  • Collaboration that builds buy-in and reduced blindspots
  • Professionally facilitated workshops that use time efficiently
  • A comprehensive, flexible package that includes advice, design, facilitation, documentation and implementation coaching
  • A succinct strategic plan with strong buy-in

Prepared to invest in a clear, intentional expression of your organization’s next chapter? Contact us today to apply.

Rebecca is truly gifted at helping people to clarify their own thinking, identifying and reflecting back the patterns and themes that exist within a diversity of viewpoints (further enhanced by her excellent use of cool tech tools), and helping groups to focus on what’s important to move forward rather than getting stuck or going in circles. She was absolutely the person we needed to shepherd us through our strategic planning process!