Wiser by Choice – Overview

Wiser by Choice

Reading is optional. Staying relevant isn’t.

If you are a leader who:

  • wants to stay well-informed
  • is strapped for time
  • struggles to keep up with reading all the books you wish you could
  • loves a lively conversation with other bright people
  • is willing to invest in your own professional development

…then become Wiser by Choice.

  • Cutting edge content.
  • Interesting people.
  • Relevance to your context.
  • Professionally facilitated conversation.
  • Efficient use of time.

I read the books so you don’t have to.

Join me for three sessions where I will curate 3-5 great books per month on a theme relevant to leadership. I’ll present the highlights and facilitate a stimulating, book club-style conversation that will feed your curiosity and build your skills.

Become Wiser by Choice today