Who You Need and Need to Be

I’m no runner.

But I can imagine that the end of a long race, just before the finish line is in sight, is the most gruelling part.

Who do you need in that moment?

Do you need a cheerleader, who tells you you’re doing great no matter what?

Do you need a commiserator, who says, “You’re right, this is hard. Why don’t you sit and rest awhile?”

Do you need a companion who quietly runs alongside you?

Do you need a competitor who is running well and slightly ahead of you, inspiring you to pick up your pace?

Do you need a coach — or rather a COACH! — who is shouting at you to remember all your hard work and get moving?

There’s no right answer here, obviously. It’s not “one size fits all,” and that’s the point. If you find yourself in the most taxing part of the pandemic journey (or whatever other challenging race you’re running), it might be worth considering what kind of help you’d actually find helpful right now.

And what kind of helper others need you to be for them.

The finish line might be around the next bend. Make sure your crew gets what they need to get there together.

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