When was the last time you tried something new?

Last week, I co-hosted Through the Chrysalis with my friends Brent Klassen and Val Steinmann at their farm at Heartwood Cidery. It was a glorious day to explore transitions, not just because the weather was unseasonably warm and the people lovely, but also because it felt great to take action on something we’ve been thinking about for a while.

One unexpected highlight for me was doing something entirely new as part of the experience: picking hazelnuts. I didn’t know what hazelnuts look like when they are growing, and I learned that they can be mistaken for clumps of dried leaves until you know what you are looking for — and then, they are visible in abundance!

My quick takeaways, in the spirit of the ecological parables that shaped our day:

  • Get out of your head and do something — action builds momentum
  • Stay curious — learning something brand new is exhilarating
  • Harvest and celebrate the fruits of your labour when the time is right (or in my case, someone else’s labour — thanks Val!)
  • Sometimes things that look like nothing special are actually jewels in disguise
  • You can train yourself to see what you’re looking for

Today is Thanksgiving Day where I live, and I am grateful for you. Reading what I write, joining me in my experiments, encouraging me in my work and entrusting me to act as your trusted advisor — I’m thankful for it all.

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