Upping our Game Together

As I write this piece, I am grateful to be in Madrid, at the start of our annual face-to-face Board meeting for the International Association of Facilitators.

When we talk to our members, the three things they identify as seeking from this Association are professional credibility, professional community and satisfying their professional curiosity. These align with what I too appreciate from being involved.

It occurs to me that these are three valuable elements for any of us to pursue in our work.

So here is my encouragement for you today:

  1. How are you demonstrating or upgrading your professional credentials and expertise?
  2. Where do you nurture your “work friends” — the people who get what you do and help you be better at it?
  3. Where do you go to learn your craft, in an ongoing way?

If these aren’t easy questions for you to answer right now, maybe they are the nudge you need to up your game — not in a “work harder” way, but in a “find the supports that will help you” way!

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