Show up how you want to end up

A ten-year study of how Italy’s 15 largest cities weathered the global financial crisis of the late 2000s found that organizations’ decision-making styles before the collapse largely matched their styles during and after the crisis. Those that did formal strategic planning continued to do so. Those that used an incremental, ad hoc planning approach did so before and after. Those whose approach was described as “inertia” before fell into that same category after.*

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A New Sense of Scale

I spoke to someone recently who, like many of us, is converting an in-person learning experience to a digital one. She was discouraged because one of her go-to local workshop leaders was uncomfortable delivering online.

My response: Why limit yourself to local?

If everyone has to participate in sessions virtually, you can access anyone, anywhere in the world. Exceptional talent is more available to us now than it has ever been. We don’t have to pay for travel, and some people’s calendars are more wide open than usual. Instead of starting automatically with those you’ve involved before, consider asking yourself who you’d most love to incorporate into your workshop design! Continue reading “A New Sense of Scale”

Mind your Body

Well, this is clearly becoming a marathon, isn’t it?

I’ve so appreciated the reminders from friends over the past few days that “hard is hard” regardless of your specific brand of struggle or disappointment or grief right now. We are all in the midst of a challenging season, and although the collective experience can buoy us up, it can also weigh us down.

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Collaboration in Overdrive

I am interested in collaborative decision-making. This blog is called wiser decisions faster. It’s therefore not surprising that I am fascinated by the speed at which people are cooperating to get things done during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Here are a few examples on my radar, of so very many:

Open sourcing the technical specs for ventilators to make them more affordable and accessible quickly. Continue reading “Collaboration in Overdrive”

The F Words

What has surprised you about the way you’ve shown up to this global pandemic adventure?

When we are under significant stress (which we all are — isn’t the magnitude of this shared experience amazing?), we tend to respond in some combination of four ways:

        1. Fight
        2. Flight
        3. Freeze
        4. Fawn*

I’ve seen each of these, individually and organizationally over the past month.
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