Mind your Body

Well, this is clearly becoming a marathon, isn’t it?

I’ve so appreciated the reminders from friends over the past few days that “hard is hard” regardless of your specific brand of struggle or disappointment or grief right now. We are all in the midst of a challenging season, and although the collective experience can buoy us up, it can also weigh us down.

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Collaboration in Overdrive

I am interested in collaborative decision-making. This blog is called wiser decisions faster. It’s therefore not surprising that I am fascinated by the speed at which people are cooperating to get things done during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Here are a few examples on my radar, of so very many:

Open sourcing the technical specs for ventilators to make them more affordable and accessible quickly. Continue reading “Collaboration in Overdrive”

The F Words

What has surprised you about the way you’ve shown up to this global pandemic adventure?

When we are under significant stress (which we all are — isn’t the magnitude of this shared experience amazing?), we tend to respond in some combination of four ways:

        1. Fight
        2. Flight
        3. Freeze
        4. Fawn*

I’ve seen each of these, individually and organizationally over the past month.
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Can we plan at a time like this?

Photo credit: Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

I hesitate even to write the word “unprecedented.” But these times really are. We’ve been radically disrupted and shaken to our core. And the ride isn’t over yet.

Is it even possible to think about planning at a time like this, when our previous plans seem irrelevant and our ability to predict the future with any certainty seems non-existent? Not to mention the fact that we are busy, distracted and exhausted? Continue reading “Can we plan at a time like this?”

Timing it Just Right

I’ve just finished reading a novel called American Dirt. In it, a mother and son need to jump aboard a moving train, more than once. Timing is critical, and it’s terrifying every time.

Do you feel a bit like that these days?

Photo by Andrew Wulf on Unsplash

I mentioned in a previous post that this period of pandemic-related disruption has thrown off my sense of timing. My comment resonated with many of you, and I’ve been giving it further thought.

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