Wisdom and Fake Fact Checking

I recently wrote about the importance of having background information at your fingertips when seeking to make wiser decisions faster. So, the story I heard recently about “fake fact checkers” admittedly shook me up.

I am accustomed to calls for evidence-based decision-making in my line of work. Yet the whole notion of “evidence” risks being undermined in our current climate and culture. What does it mean to make a truly wise decision in this era of unabashed misinformation and fake news?

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Curated Information at your Fingertips

It’s local election time where I live. I received two tools to help voters decide which candidate to support; this municipal election kit from our local Poverty Elimination Task Force and this app developed to help Toronto voters identify the candidate whose perspectives most closely align with their own. Solid information that’s easy to access – I love it.

Both resources reminded me how much easier it is to make insightful decisions quickly when you have well-curated information at your fingertips.

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Wiser Decisions Faster

To make better, more insightful and effective decisions. And to use our time well. Isn’t this what we all want?

Not only am I confident that there are concrete, teachable ways to help this happen. I also believe that wiser, faster decisions happen primarily through collaborative processes.

This might seem counterintuitive. Don’t collaborative processes threaten to slow things down? And how can we be sure that collaborative processes lead to more insightful decisions rather than uninformed or biased ones? Continue reading “Wiser Decisions Faster”