Learn to Like or Like to Learn

Have you ever had a teacher you enjoyed so much, or a subject that captured your interest so fully, that you gave that homework your absolute all? I hope so. That experience suggests that we dive into learning what we like.

Building on that assumption, lately I’ve been exploring how we can enjoy change more. We all have to adapt — will we be more likely to do it with ease and enthusiasm if we like it? And therefore, are there ways to learn to relish it more? Continue reading “Learn to Like or Like to Learn”

Anonymity as a Facilitation Tool

It’s been quite a week, especially for those of us navigating what’s affectionately become known as another “mockdown” in Ontario.

Sometimes when we’re in the midst of decision fatigue and existential angst, the most helpful thing to do is something concrete and practical, so that’s what I’m offering today. A useful tool to add to your digital facilitation toolbox. Continue reading “Anonymity as a Facilitation Tool”

Hell in the Hallway

Several years ago, I participated in my first (and only, so far) immersive theatre experience. Called “Sleep No More,” it involved wandering around the McKittrick Hotel in New York, exploring various floors and rooms where sets had been constructed and actors were occasionally found. As we went up the elevator for the first time and stopped at a floor, the attendant ushered me out and the door closed behind me, leaving me alone and separated from my family members. I was thus left to investigate unexpectedly alone, until we found each other at the end. Continue reading “Hell in the Hallway”

When Your Metronome is Broken

If you ever took piano lessons as a child, maybe you can relate to my aversion to metronomes. These are the timekeeping devices (now apps) that keep a steady beat. If my teacher said, “Perhaps you should practice this with the metronome,” it meant that my tempo was either too slow, too fast or, more often, very uneven. (This was not helped by the fact that my antique metronome actually kept time inconsistently, as it turned out. Not to be trusted!) Continue reading “When Your Metronome is Broken”