The Gift of a Goal

Further to last week’s post, I’ve been thinking more about the motivating power of a compelling goal.

Energy is a very precious currency.

If you are running a race for which you have trained for a long time, and you find yourself exhausted near the finish line, you don’t want your coach offering you a seat, a hug and a glass of wine right then. You want them to remind you of your goal and your committed preparation, so you’ll keep running and finish strongly. Continue reading “The Gift of a Goal”

Creativity has Left the Building

In a recent study of the professional upskilling deemed most necessary in 2021, LinkedIn reports that the top category of learning will be “resilience and adaptability.” No surprise, given the year we’ve had. What is perhaps more surprising, and for me more disheartening, is the category that was at the top of the list in 2019 and 2020 is now at the bottom. The bottom. Can you guess what it is? Creativity. Continue reading “Creativity has Left the Building”

Read the Room

I’m a stickler for good process.

If you live in Ontario Canada, or have been watching the news from elsewhere, you may be aware that this week has been a gong show on that front. We’ve been subject to chaotic leadership of the highest (lowest?) order as our province navigates COVID-19’s third wave.

In trying to make sense of it all, I find myself drawing on what I know about stakeholder engagement and collective decision making. Continue reading “Read the Room”

Learn to Like or Like to Learn

Have you ever had a teacher you enjoyed so much, or a subject that captured your interest so fully, that you gave that homework your absolute all? I hope so. That experience suggests that we dive into learning what we like.

Building on that assumption, lately I’ve been exploring how we can enjoy change more. We all have to adapt — will we be more likely to do it with ease and enthusiasm if we like it? And therefore, are there ways to learn to relish it more? Continue reading “Learn to Like or Like to Learn”