Stretching from a fixed point

Elastics stretch from a fixed point.

I don’t understand much about physics, but I know from experience that if all parts of an elastic are in motion simultaneously, stretching isn’t happening. And elastics are made to stretch.

This metaphor might resonate for you when you consider the past 20 months – at times all the parts have been moving at once, so you haven’t been able to respond well.

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Picture a Curious Leader

I recently wrote about my struggle to find just the right word that is the opposite of “oblivious.” Along those same lines, what do you consider to be the opposite of “curious”? Various dictionaries suggest “incurious; uncurious” (sigh), “apathetic,” “indifferent” or “uninterested.” I’m not sure any of these are quite right. (Interestingly, this list is identical to the one generated when you inquire about the word “nosy.” I’m not a fan.)

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Imaginative Leadership

“Now there is an imaginative leader!”

Says almost no one ever.

Innovative yes. Visionary occasionally. Gutsy sometimes. Imaginative? Rarely.

In fact, “imaginative” can carry negative connotations when applied to leadership. Impractical? Lost in their own head? Childish? Disconnected from reality?

Yet I’m becoming increasingly convinced that we’re missing out on something very powerful when we discount imagination in leadership.

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A New Take on Trust

If you’ve been following this space, you’ll know we’ve recently been working our way through the leadership characteristics captured in the acronym ELASTIC that will form the basis of my upcoming workshop series and book: energy, likeability, adaptability, strategy…the T stands for trust.

When we think of trust, we often think of integrity. Being true to one’s word. Guarding appropriate confidentiality. Living in alignment with our values.

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What’s a Strategic Leader?

What makes an idea “strategic”?

I’ve heard that word used to mean many different things recently, ranging from “high level” to “one off” to “short term” to “long term” to “a senior responsibility.” It’s often understood in relation to its opposite: “not in the weeds.” One dictionary definition I saw is entirely unhelpful: “marked by strategy.”

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