Awe Full

Have you ever bought a car, then seen that car everywhere? It’s as if everyone bought the same car as you that very same month.

Ideas are often like that for me. I learn about or notice something, then I see it everywhere I look.

“Awe” is showing up that way for me right now. Continue reading “Awe Full”

The Ability to be Hopeful

One of my favourite opening questions to build connections in meetings (other than, “Share the most boring thing about yourself,” which is actually hilarious), is “Put one adjective in the Chat that describes how you are really doing today.” Sometimes, I’ll ask it twice, with the second round adding the cloak of anonymity, which tends to increase candour. I use it several times per week. Continue reading “The Ability to be Hopeful”

The Gift of a Goal

Further to last week’s post, I’ve been thinking more about the motivating power of a compelling goal.

Energy is a very precious currency.

If you are running a race for which you have trained for a long time, and you find yourself exhausted near the finish line, you don’t want your coach offering you a seat, a hug and a glass of wine right then. You want them to remind you of your goal and your committed preparation, so you’ll keep running and finish strongly. Continue reading “The Gift of a Goal”