Well-Equipped Decision Makers

One of the phrases I often hear during strategic planning sessions is the need for “evidence-based decision making.” This reference comes up across many sectors, along with the occasional musing about what is considered “evidence” at all.

As I’ve been working with various Boards of Directors at the environmental scanning stage of strategic planning recently, I’ve been thinking about what they need to be well-equipped to make the decisions facing them.

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Happy Not-New-Enough Year!

I’ve recently enjoyed Katy Milkman’s new book How to Change and her podcast, Choiceology. In the book, she talks about the motivating power of a fresh start. If you begin a new habit on a random Thursday, it has less sticking power than beginning on “the first day of Fall.” Although many New Year’s resolutions fizzle out, it’s a powerful reframe to remember that at least 20% of them stick – a far higher number than initiating and sustaining new behaviour mid-year.

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Fast and Far

You’ve likely heard the African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

It’s always rubbed me the wrong way. Can we not go both fast and far together?

As a professional facilitator, I’m confident that well-structured group conversations can help people use their time more effectively and make wiser decisions faster. But this idea of going faster together resonates more deeply than that, especially right now. Continue reading “Fast and Far”