The One Thing I’ve Learned This Week

“What is the one thing you’ve learned this week?” It was a question sent to me on Twitter and, true to form, I struggled to answer it. Only one?

The One Thing is a book I’ve really appreciated. Its core concept of “What’s the one thing you can do such that by doing it, everything else would be easier or unnecessary?” appeals to me, in a “Wow, I wish I could figure that out” kind of way.

The “one thing” question was especially hard for me today because last week was  jam packed with learning. I hosted Wiser by Choice (an online leadership book club), participated in a rich community of practice conversation with other OD professionals, designed and led a couple of new workshops, finished the first draft of my forthcoming book and spent three evenings enjoying the new online version of Thought Leaders Business School. (Phew!)

I have a number of trusted colleagues who are fans of the Enneagram. Here’s part of a description of my enneagram type: “Their minds move rapidly from one idea to the next… exhilarated by the rush of ideas and by the pleasure of being spontaneous, preferring broad overviews and the excitement of the initial stages of the creative process to probing a single topic in depth…enthusiastic about almost everything that catches their attention.”* No wonder.

So, I thought I’d treat the blog a bit differently this time around. Here, in no particular order, are 15 of the nuggets still resonating with me from last week. Perhaps one or two of them will take up residence in your imagination too.

  • Maybe who you’ve been makes less sense now. Take this opportunity to rewrite how you see yourself and how you’re seen. Matt Church
  • What we most want to do often scares us. Go to the places that scare you, as there will be joy there. Pema Chodron
  • Be bigger than you’ve allowed yourself to be. Playing small is boring and useless. Lisa O’Neill
  • What’s the point of having a belly if you have no fire in it? Simon Sinek
  • Be curious, capable, specific and interesting. (“You’ve changed?!”… “I sure hope so!”) Lisa O’Neill
  • In the last 30 days, did what’s most important to you get what it needs in your life? What habit can you see as a delight rather than a discipline? Matt Church
  • Struggling? “You are establishing a fabulous ‘before’ picture!” Hal Runkel
  • Do I wish I could buy what I’m selling? Become a priceless offer. Jennifer Kenny
  • Take a teaspoon of the best of each person you meet with you. Lisa O’Neill
  • What’s best is what actually works. Cam Fink and Alicia McKay
  • The feeling of being out of control pulls us toward passivity… You will never passively find what you don’t actively pursue. Clay Scroggins, How to Lead When You’re Not In Charge
  • “Rarely does the best win. It’s far more likely to be the most influential.” Kieran Flanagan & Dan Gregory, Forever Skills
  • “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer than you.” ~Einstein
  • Your energy can be high and depleting you at the same time. Being wired is not the same as functioning at your peak. Alessandra Edwards
  • You are the host of the emotional guests in your brain. Who’s missing at the party right now? Amy Silver

This buffet of learning makes me so happy, but I realize it might overwhelm you or require more context to make sense. Read the list again. Pick one idea and chew on it. And if you’d like to chat more about anything you see here, I’d love to hop on a call.


*The Enneagram Institute, 

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