The Fuel and the Gauge

Over the past few years, I could walk into a meeting and guess fairly accurately what the vibe of the group was going to be. Everyone would be tired. Holding it together, but barely. Not a lot of enthusiasm.

These days, it’s less predictable. Some people are still in that place, or worse. Others have found a more sustainable, moderately positive rhythm — subdued, but livable. A few are firing on all cylinders and ready to tackle the next challenge with gusto — but they are almost afraid to admit it.

Today, as we start a new series on the blog focusing on ELASTIC as an acronym for admirable qualities in stretchy leaders, we begin with Energy.

I think of energy as both a fuel gauge and a fuel source.

The energy of a group acts as a quick proxy, helping me assess how people are doing. My role is to read it accurately.

At the same time, energy is what literally empowers people to move forward toward their goals. In that case, my role is to boost it.

If you lead a team, you’d be wise to pay attention to the energy of your group — as a signal for how people are feeling, and a fuel source to build their momentum. Your superpower lies in figuring out how to refill their tank. And your own at the same time.  

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