Trust the Process

Have you ever been asked to “trust the process?”

It’s something I’ve invited groups or coaching clients to do, out loud and far more frequently in my head.

Why? Because the process of strategy building or navigating transitions can become fuzzier before it gets clearer, and if you give up on it too soon, you might be doing so just before the fog clears.

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When not to plan

As a strategic planning facilitator, whenever someone asks me if it’s possible, useful, or necessary to develop a strategic plan during times of volatility and uncertainty, I always say some variation of “yes.”


There are three scenarios where a new strategy may actually be unhelpful — or at least not your best investment of time. Maybe one of these applies to you right now?

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Strategy Exemplified

Being strategic involves more than strategic planning, but that planning cycle is one place it often shows up. When I think about the strategic planning work that has been most impactful over my career, the impact has come not from the content of the plans themselves but from the commitment of the leaders behind them to use the strategy as a decision-making guide. These are people who have embedded the intentions of their strategic plans into the daily workings of their organizations over the long haul. As a result, they have plans, as I say in the strapline of my book Sightline, that “gather momentum not dust.” Here are two such examples, in the early stages of their strategy implementation cycle:

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