Memories Fuel Imagination

Our imagination is fed by our memory.

Seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it. Our imagination pulls us toward a new future, but it’s anchored in our past.

It’s very hard for us to imagine something of which we have never seen any of the component parts. We can put them together in novel ways, but if we are working from a limited library of images in the first place, our ability to be creative is stifled.

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Positive Postmortems

This past week, I attended one event and heard about another that were both very well put together. Let’s learn from what these organizers and facilitators did really well.

The first was a meeting at a post-secondary institution. One of the participants posted on social media that it was refreshing to attend. I asked her to share what made the session so good. Her prompt, verbatim reply is printed here, with her permission:

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A Strategic Race

Did you become as addicted to watching the Olympics as I did?

Two things stood out to me as I marvelled at the athletes’ accomplishments; I trust their relevance extends far beyond Athletics to those of us involved in less competitive or visible pursuits:

  1. Athletes were clear on their goal. There was a moment when the first runner across the finish line was featured on the screen, just as an enormous “Woot!” could be heard behind her. It was one of her competitors, celebrating enthusiastically. That runner barely made it onto the television coverage, but she was rejoicing over a Personal Best with far more gusto than the gold medallist. She knew what she was going after.

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When your mojo is down, level up

I know we’re weary. When we’re weary, it’s hard to find the capacity to do anything extra. But what if when we’re weary is exactly the time to do those extra things? Not just any extra things, but ones carefully chosen to energize us.

Part of why we’re weary right now is not because we’re doing too much but because we’re doing too little. Not enough of the things that bring us joy.  We may even be doing less than we could do, within the admittedly constrained range of possibilities before us one year into a pandemic. Continue reading “When your mojo is down, level up”