Memories Fuel Imagination

Our imagination is fed by our memory.

Seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it. Our imagination pulls us toward a new future, but it’s anchored in our past.

It’s very hard for us to imagine something of which we have never seen any of the component parts. We can put them together in novel ways, but if we are working from a limited library of images in the first place, our ability to be creative is stifled.

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Sit with it just a little longer

Where I live, we’re two weeks away from the start of school after summer vacation. I no longer have kids living at home, but this remains the season of new backpacks and fresh starts. It is a very in-between time, where I’m not yet willing to say summer is over, but a new season is definitely looming, and I want to be prepared. My heart aches and leaps for all the families who are anticipating the fall with that potent mixture of excitement and dread.

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“Use your imagination!”

What do you picture? A toddler in a superhero cape perhaps, or holding some crayons?

We tend to think of imagination as the territory of the young, and as an individual pursuit. But what would it look like if imagining were reclaimed by groups of adults? What might we unleash together?

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