Minimum Viable Platform

I’m learning that a well-led workshop is not primarily about using the software platform with the best meeting features.

Believe me, I’ve spent some time over the past four months learning the ins and outs of various applications, ranging from Zoom to MS Teams to WebEx to Mural to Miro to Lino to Stormboard…all in search of the best visual collaborative tool.

But once again, it comes back to people, not products or features. Continue reading “Minimum Viable Platform”

The Sound of Silence

In a meeting last week, an Italian colleague commented to me that our Canadian Prime Minister sure knows how to use the power of silence, and that world class facilitators know the same thing.

In case you missed it, here’s the clip Gerardo was referring to. It clearly made the rounds worldwide:

Silence in a meeting can make us uncomfortable. Continue reading “The Sound of Silence”

A New Sense of Scale

I spoke to someone recently who, like many of us, is converting an in-person learning experience to a digital one. She was discouraged because one of her go-to local workshop leaders was uncomfortable delivering online.

My response: Why limit yourself to local?

If everyone has to participate in sessions virtually, you can access anyone, anywhere in the world. Exceptional talent is more available to us now than it has ever been. We don’t have to pay for travel, and some people’s calendars are more wide open than usual. Instead of starting automatically with those you’ve involved before, consider asking yourself who you’d most love to incorporate into your workshop design! Continue reading “A New Sense of Scale”