Collective Adaptability

I am conscious of being in a liminal space recently, somewhere between gatherings happening digitally and in-person and a new “third way” of hybrid that has more variations than I can describe.

Liminal spaces are exciting and uncomfortable and tiring.

This particular transitional time reminds me to be grateful for the fact that adaptability (which we all need) is both an individual and a collective responsibility. The Adaptability Quotient assessment tool measures personal skills such as grit and resilience, but also collective features such as work environment and team support. This means that our shared environments can both contribute to and undermine our ability to adapt, just like our temperament and skillsets can.

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Anonymity as a Facilitation Tool

It’s been quite a week, especially for those of us navigating what’s affectionately become known as another “mockdown” in Ontario.

Sometimes when we’re in the midst of decision fatigue and existential angst, the most helpful thing to do is something concrete and practical, so that’s what I’m offering today. A useful tool to add to your digital facilitation toolbox. Continue reading “Anonymity as a Facilitation Tool”

When your mojo is down, level up

I know we’re weary. When we’re weary, it’s hard to find the capacity to do anything extra. But what if when we’re weary is exactly the time to do those extra things? Not just any extra things, but ones carefully chosen to energize us.

Part of why we’re weary right now is not because we’re doing too much but because we’re doing too little. Not enough of the things that bring us joy.  We may even be doing less than we could do, within the admittedly constrained range of possibilities before us one year into a pandemic. Continue reading “When your mojo is down, level up”