My Go-To Tool

Continuing our short series on quick facilitation hacks I use all the time:

If you notice a group is getting a bit mired in binary thinking (i.e. “We have to choose this or that,” or “The world looks like this or that”), I find it helpful to draw a line on a whiteboard, with their two options at either end. Then I ask them:

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Adjust the Bullseye

Sometimes people ask me when I “have time to come up with so many new ideas?”

I wonder if they think I just sit at my desk and think. I don’t.

Thinking is work, yes, but most of my ideas come when I am “in delivery” — in front of a room of people, speaking or facilitating. I test them in real time and see which ones land.

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Well-Equipped Decision Makers

One of the phrases I often hear during strategic planning sessions is the need for “evidence-based decision making.” This reference comes up across many sectors, along with the occasional musing about what is considered “evidence” at all.

As I’ve been working with various Boards of Directors at the environmental scanning stage of strategic planning recently, I’ve been thinking about what they need to be well-equipped to make the decisions facing them.

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