The Gift of a Goal

Further to last week’s post, I’ve been thinking more about the motivating power of a compelling goal.

Energy is a very precious currency.

If you are running a race for which you have trained for a long time, and you find yourself exhausted near the finish line, you don’t want your coach offering you a seat, a hug and a glass of wine right then. You want them to remind you of your goal and your committed preparation, so you’ll keep running and finish strongly. Continue reading “The Gift of a Goal”

Adept at Adapting

The slowest pace of change you will ever experience for the rest of your life  is happening right now.

~The Adaptation Advantage
(McGowan and Shipley 2020)

Did you sigh when you read that?

We know the pace of change is accelerating. We also know the need for continuous adaptation isn’t disappearing anytime soon.

And we’re getting some good practice at it! We’ve been invited and forced to adapt more in the past year than at any other time in our lives. Continue reading “Adept at Adapting”

Foreign Currency

How many types of currency are in your wallet at the moment? One? None?! I have three, because I’m travelling, and will likely have four a few days from now. I’m constantly doing price conversions in my head and wondering which currency is listed on menus and price tags.

Currency is how we express value.

What currencies are most highly valued in your work? In traditional for-profit businesses, the answer is usually money — maybe revenue or profitability or growth rates. Increasingly, you may also be adding social or planetary benefits to that equation. Continue reading “Foreign Currency”