Pruning your Practice

I am no gardener, but it’s my understanding that plants benefit from being pruned. And pruning involves not only removing dead wood, but also overgrowth.

Overgrowth might look like uncontrolled wildness, but it can also look like promising new buds and beautiful flowers. Sit with that for a moment. These healthy, lovely parts need to be removed in order focus the nutrients that allow other well-placed blooms to thrive. Continue reading “Pruning your Practice”

Hell in the Hallway

Several years ago, I participated in my first (and only, so far) immersive theatre experience. Called “Sleep No More,” it involved wandering around the McKittrick Hotel in New York, exploring various floors and rooms where sets had been constructed and actors were occasionally found. As we went up the elevator for the first time and stopped at a floor, the attendant ushered me out and the door closed behind me, leaving me alone and separated from my family members. I was thus left to investigate unexpectedly alone, until we found each other at the end.

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Brave Benchmarks

You know how it is when you are looking to buy a car, and you find yourself noticing that same model of vehicle on the road everywhere you look?

That’s what’s happening for me on the theme of courageous leadership. We discussed it at Wiser by Choice, and the topics of risk and bravery have emerged in virtually every session I’ve facilitated since, across a wide range of organizations and settings.

Bravery is a relative term. What is considered “courageous” depends heavily on the person and the context. But it also depends on the benchmark. That is, what is your starting point for measuring courage, and how gutsy is your goal from there? Continue reading “Brave Benchmarks”

Big Word

Do you have a “big word” for 2019?

You may have heard about this. Choosing a single word that acts as a “north star” for your year. Recently I’ve connected with people whose 2018 words were calm, conviction, action, pirate and steam train. The possibilities are endless, see?

I’m not very good at single words. I’m more of a “series of big categories” kind of thinker. But I did have a word to guide my work in 2018. It started out as “fearless.” Then it got either downgraded or upgraded, depending on your perspective, to “brave.” That seemed more authentic to me. I can’t control being fearful, but I can control if I behave bravely in the face of those fears.

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