Well-Watered Plants

“People need spaciousness the way a plant needs water. When you give it to them, they come back to life.”

This observation by a colleague during my time in Fiji last week has me thinking, yet again, about my big word for 2023 which is “spaciousness.” It’s a word that makes me exhale and drop my shoulders — and it’s everywhere.

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As I write this, we’ve had about a week to take 2022 for a test drive. My verdict thus far is mixed, and it depends very much on where I fix my gaze. If I think about what I hoped week one would involve (i.e. nine of us in Barcelona and Valencia), it hasn’t been great as we weren’t there. If I let my Twitter feed shape my impressions, it’s starting as one of my worst years ever. And I’ve thrown my back out for the first time in almost a decade. But here’s the thing: I wrecked my back building an awesome snowman with my granddaughter on one of the most magical winter days I can remember. January marks the start of a fresh new season, and even though it’s a challenging one this year, I still have choices about my attitude toward it. For this first entry of 2022, my “wiser decision faster” is to prevent and resist the funk I could easily fall into next week, rather than needing to drag myself out of it later!

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A Complicated Happy New Year

“Decision fatigue is real.”

Those exact words were sent to me by three separate colleagues the week before the holidays. And now that we’re back at our desks after the holiday break, I’m curious if we’re actually feeling any more rested. I’ve enjoyed slower days that blended together, full of good food, board games, watching sports on TV and lots of knitting. I’m grateful for the time, but the decision fatigue is still there. Continue reading “A Complicated Happy New Year”

Working the Way You Want

Almost exactly one year ago, I wrote about choosing a Big Word for your year. Mine for 2019 was brave.

Looking back, I can cite examples of brave work choices (such as launching my leadership book club Wiser by Choice and releasing my first book, Nimble). Some events this year called for me to be braver than I wanted to have to be. At other times I wish my braver self had shown up. As with my word of 2018 (strong), I’ll keep working on it.

Heading into a new year and decade, my word is elevate.

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