Stir Up Creativity

“I need more ____ in my life.”

How would you fill in that blank right now?


I notice incredible variability in the answers I get to this question — within groups, and across the timeline of the past couple of years. It reminds me of the importance of two things:

a) checking in with yourself and your people frequently
b) not assuming your experience matches other people’s.

If the answers that are coming up for you reveal a need to shake things up a bit, I’d recommend a new resource out of the at Stanford called Creative Acts for Curious People. It’s a compendium of group and individual activities to spur unconventional thinking. Although the format is a bit wordy at times (“Just describe the steps of the assignment!”), and a few of the activities require more of a time commitment than most of my groups would be up for, the majority of the ideas are fresh and actionable and fun.

I landed on this book while preparing for Wiser by Choice this winter. Here is a full list of the books covered to date. If you’re interested in joining us for a low commitment, high value book club in April/May/June, registration for the spring session is open now. If 7:30 a.m. isn’t your thing, you’d be welcome to schedule your own in-house series at a time more convenient for your cre

Have a look back at your answer to the question I opened with. What specific thing can you do to get more of that today? 

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