We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…

I’m on the brink of a holiday break, so have decided not to continue our treatment of the ELASTIC acronym until the new year when we can build some momentum with it.

For now, as we close out 2022, I want to circle back to my word of the year, “nourish.”

It’s been nourishing me in various ways throughout the year — most recently in the form of a coaching question: “What would nourish you most right now?”

It’s a harder question than you might think.

Nourishment is about taking in what you require and what you love.

For those who have been under an acute amount of stress for a chronic length of time, it may be that our regular recharging efforts are not doing the trick. A yoga class, a meditation session, or a day off are not sufficient to address the bone-tiredness you’re experiencing. You may be tempted not to bother.

For others, you may have simply lost connection with what actually feeds your soul.

But when you find it, and do it, you’re likely to notice that you didn’t realize how much you needed it.

So, whether it’s more time in nature, more time moving your body, more time with people you enjoy, more time laughing — it’s my hope that you can give yourself that gift this holiday season. Maybe it’s showing kindness, toward others and yourself. Maybe it’s silliness. Something to look forward to? Time alone? Getting lost in a good book or a new city? Rekindling a hobby? Time with a child? A meaningful conversation with someone who knows your story?

I was nourished this weekend as I wrote thank you cards to my 2022 clients. Such a generous, insightful, committed, varied crew you are! I am grateful to work with each of you.

I’ll look forward to continuing the conversation on January 9. Until then, may these last days of this year nourish you — in both planned and unexpected ways.

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