Masterclass Series: Nimble Leadership

Masterclass Series: Nimble Leadership

Each masterclass in this series is available in 90-minute or three-hour format and are typically booked one week apart. Contact Laurie to learn more or to book a training series for your team.

Adept at Adapting

Adaptability is consistently ranked as a top leadership skill of the future. We know we need to adapt – let’s talk about how to become better at it and actually like it.

In this interactive workshop participants will learn:

  • Why adaptability is a critical characteristic for future-ready leaders;
  • The elements of adaptability as a combination of skills, mindsets and environments;
  • How to create the conditions for adaptability to thrive in ourselves and our teams; and
  • Ways to access adaptability to energize rather than deplete us.

Creative Collaboration

Experience how to create conditions that will optimize your team’s collective creativity, and have fun doing it. Creative Collaboration transforms the latest multi-disciplinary evidence on team creativity into an engaging, interactive, memorable session.

Participants will leave the workshop with:

  • The knowledge and tools to strengthen their ability to work more creatively together; and
  • A team experience that models a group process where creativity is enhanced.

The Nimble Facilitator

Masterful facilitation involves more than group process techniques and strong meeting design – it also requires anticipation skills and adaptability. This highly interactive session strengthens participants’ ability to trust their intuition, think on their feet and deal with unpredictable situations. When a facilitated session goes off the rails (and it will), you need to tap a different skillset to bring things back on track quickly.

Participants will leave the workshop with:

  • Sharper skills in anticipating and adjusting to the unexpected;
  • More than a dozen practical strategies, drawn from and applicable to a range of disciplines, to strengthen their agility as facilitators;
  • Increased confidence in their ability to adapt to changing circumstances, even from the front of the room;
  • An up-to-date resource list of links, titles and people that will allow participants to explore agility in facilitation more deeply if interested; and
  • A memorable experience shared with new people in their expanded professional network.

This workshop is also available in a one-day format.