Facilitation Skills

Facilitation Skills

How many times have you sat through a poorly run meeting, knowing that if the session were being better facilitated, you would be accomplishing twice as much in half the time?

Facilitation skills are essential for public engagement professionals. Learn more about what a facilitator does and what it takes to be a great one. Discover the skills, knowledge, and behaviours to help you effectively facilitate in a wide range of situations and plan purpose-driven  sessions that are more effective and engaging.

Participants will leave the workshop having:

  • Learned what a facilitator is and does;
  • Identified skills and behaviours of a successful facilitator;
  • Practiced several of those behaviours in order to develop those skills;
  • Applied their facilitation insights to a case study from their own experience; and
  • Built their professional network and resource library.

This workshop is available in one and two-day formats; it is not part of the series of three workshops.

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