Inject Beauty

As I write this, I am starting day four of a conference called The_Dream, hosted in Sintra, Portugal by the House of Beautiful Business. So it is perhaps not surprising that I have beauty on my mind.

We always have an opportunity to inject some beauty. It may happen in small, temporary ways.

Or in slightly longer term ways.

But it can also show up in the venues we choose for our gatherings. You may not have the opportunity to meet in a place as spectacular as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s former residence (!!) but the spaces you choose do affect what happens within them.

So perhaps you can beautify the spaces you have. At this conference, I was struck by how lovely the seating was, for example. And the presentation of the food and tea.

Harder to capture here is the beauty of the interactions, both structured and spontaneous.

Even harder will be the beautification of the businesses represented by the 600 people in attendance, but I have no doubt they will make more inspiring decisions about sustainability, AI, how jobs are structured, whose voices are included in decision making and the dozens of other provocative topics under discussion here.

As you read this, you are quite likely far away from a magical place like Sintra. But I hope that wherever you find yourself today, you can find ways to inject some beauty into your spaces, your conversations and even your decisions.

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