Help Me With

Strategic Planning

Is it time to breathe life into your strategic thinking and planning? Planning is about generating a product and engaging in a learning process. We helps you do both. We specialize in strategy development experiences that are informed by evidence from your stakeholders and are actually enjoyable. Let us help you with planning and design related to overall strategy, stakeholder engagement, sustainability and/or messaging.


Coaching for Community Leaders

My coaching practice has emerged from almost 25 years of acting as a trusted advisor and group facilitator to community leaders. My strong skills in quickly discerning core issues, maintaining a purpose-driven posture, framing challenges insightfully and holding space for courageous conversations has equipped me well to be a successful and sought-after executive coach. This expertise combines masterfully with my high-energy and dynamic personality, sharp mind and ability to build deep rapport quickly, resulting in a strong bond with coaching clients.



We offer a variety of practical and effective training workshops to enhance your team’s skills in a variety of topics related to nimble, collaborative leadership. We also offer multi-week online courses to boost your facilitation skills and help you design effective  stakeholder engagement opportunities.