Leading Collaborative Decision Making

Leading Collaborative Decision Making

Collaborative decisions can be more informed, insightful and even ingenious. There are many compelling reasons why inviting additional perspectives on a challenge is both protective and enlightening. This workshop will help you facilitate effective group collaboration by being explicit about how decisions will be made, by whom, and based on what considerations, before actually making them.

NEW: Online workshop

An online format for a new workshop that has been highly popular in person.

Increasingly, people understand the need to involve others in decision-making, to increase buy-in and reduce blindspots. But too often, once that input has been given, it enters a “black box” of mystery, and magically out pops a decision that appears to bear little resemblance to the advice received. Unpack how leaders can make the decision-making process not only more transparent and defensible, but ultimately quicker and wiser too. Contact me to book a training session for your team.

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