Executive Coaching for NonProfit Leaders

Executive Coaching for NonProfit Leaders

Peace of Mind: One-to-one coaching

I am an insightful, high energy collaborative strategist who has served as a trusted advisor to hundreds of mission-driven organizations across Canada and internationally. I’d be honoured to serve as your “thinking partner” as you navigate what it means to lead well in these volatile times.

Mindspace: Gain some bandwidth

The cognitive load we’re each carrying is heavy right now. I’d like to help you clear some space, in your head and on your calendar. Can I provide support to your senior team when you can’t give them the attention you’d like to? Does your crew need a tune up, a sounding board, or help staying aligned and on track? Do you? Let me make myself available to you as an extra resource, flexibly for whatever support you need.

ED Wisdom Circles: Group leadership coaching

It can be lonely at the top. Join a small group of other community builders for a series of candid, focused sessions designed to strengthen your ability to lead in the midst of ambiguity. You’ll learn from the best of recent leadership writing, applied to a public benefit context. Add in the experience of your peers and some skilled facilitation, and you get a space that is both safe and provocative. Click here to learn more.

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