Making Hybrid Work

Making Hybrid Work

As pandemic restrictions subside and more people return to the office, most of us have not quite settled into a new work equilibrium.

Workplaces and meeting spaces are being redesigned, and new habits are forming. We know that some type of hybrid arrangement is needed. People are wondering what decisions will be made and by whom. Leaders are struggling to carve out time to untangle the various issues and perspectives involved.

Whether you’re still thinking through work arrangements for dispersed teams or struggling with hybrid meeting facilitation, I can help your team transition to its next new normal. I’ve outlined some options here — select them individually or group them together as an integrated package.

Building Back Better

We want these past two years to have made some positive difference. What have we learned? What do we want to be true going forward? As you negotiate new work arrangements, it’s important to build on what’s gone well, to be clear about how decisions will be made and to articulate clear expectations for the future. This two-session program first frames the context and issues around dispersed teams and hybrid workplaces for leaders’ consideration, then helps you make decisions and plans to suit your context. You’ll leave with a road map of what will be fixed and flexible in your setting.

Navigating Hybrid Meetings

As we continue to sort out changing work arrangements and collaborate across dispersed teams, our ability to facilitate productive, engaging hybrid meetings is emerging as a critical skill. This 90-minute workshop explores what we’re learning in that space. It will help participants deliver what is needed to make hybrid collaboration effective for all involved, no matter how they join the conversation.

Become Adept at Adapting

Studies have shown that highly adaptable people are energized by needing to adapt rather than being exhausted by it. Learn why, along with four other pieces of good news that will help individuals and teams become more adept at adapting. Then apply your learning with Adaptability Quotient (AQ) assessments. I’ll analyze the results and unpack them for your team in a debrief workshop, followed by a second session to identify ways to make your collective adaptability even stronger. We’ll re-assess after six-months, followed by another customized team debrief to gauge progress.

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