Free Facilitation Resources

Free Facilitation Resources

We trust that you will find these resources useful. All we ask is that you:

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  • distribute them far and wide if you’ve found them helpful

Facilitation Tools and Templates

Choose Your Own Meeting Adventure
Sick of sorting out hybrid/F2F/digital meetings? I sure am! I’ve developed this tool to help determine the best format for meetings and events.

Facilitation Planning Template
This template will help you develop a detailed plan for your facilitated session.

Facilitation Supply List
As a facilitator, you need a well stocked bag of tools. Here is a list of tips and tools to keep in your “bag of tricks.”

Handling Hybrid Meetings
As we continue to sort out changing work arrangements and collaborate across dispersed teams, our ability to facilitate productive, engaging hybrid meetings is a critical skill. Here are five tips for navigating hybrid meetings.

Space Planning Checklist
The physical space you are in will affect the work that gets done in that space. This checklist will help determine if the space meets your needs and help eliminate surprises the day of the meeting.

Tips for Helping a Group Get Unstuck
Keep this resource in your facilitation folder and whip it out in those moments when you’re stuck. Think of it as your process first aid kit.

Strategic Planning Resources

Planning to Plan
You know you need a strategic plan, but where do you start? This scoping worksheet makes the thinking process easy.

Who Plans?
Determine who, specifically, will be involved in the strategic planning process, and to what extent.

Stakeholder Engagement Planning
Who would you like to consult before you plan? Complete the “Stakeholder Engagement Planning Template” to help you identify which stakeholders to engage, how best to engage them, and what specific questions to ask.

Coaching Resources

Read to Succeed
Here are the titles we explored in previous Wiser by Choice sessions.