ELASTIC Workshop Series

People have become used to feeling stretched. Where are you right now? On the verge of snapping? Being asked to snap back into a shape that doesn’t fit you anymore?

This eight-part workshop series explores and applies the metaphor of elasticity, with an in-depth focus on the seven dimensions of ELASTIC leadership: energy, likeability, adaptability, strategy, trust, imagination and curiosity. We’ll discuss where you’ve seen it, why it matters, what we know about it and how to grow it. You’ll also set a plan for practicing it.

Public dates for the ELASTIC workshop series will be posted here once confirmed. The series can also be run in-house with options for 60-minute or 90-minute sessions that include all eight parts or focus on selected ELASTIC elements.

Ball of colourful elastics


Rebecca is such a great facilitator and runs thought provoking, insightful and fun sessions!! ELASTIC highlights some leadership attributes that don’t come to mind when you first think about leadership but quickly realize they are an important part of what makes a great leader. Would recommend participating to anyone who is looking to broaden their views of leadership and engaging in thought provoking discussions with a diverse group of professionals!

ELASTIC helped me re-frame my leadership objectives and understand where I should focus my professional development. It was a pleasure to have this insight and I am a better leader today then when I started because of this heightened awareness.

The ELASTIC workshop provided me an opportunity to explore my leadership role in new ways. The topics covered in the workshop are not the typical leadership characteristics, but rather a range of areas that many wouldn’t think of. I appreciated Rebecca’s gentle guidance and her ability to provide a balanced look at these emerging leadership competencies.