“A growth mindset is a bad idea…” said no one ever.  (But do people with fixed mindsets actually read about developing a growth mindset? Why would they, if they fundamentally don’t believe change is possible?)

Most of us want a growth mindset, and I suspect a good many of us think we have one. But it’s likely that we are more oriented toward growth and abundance in some areas of our lives and thinking than in others. No one is 100% there, so I find the question, “In which areas of my life could I show up with more of a growth mindset?” more helpful than framing it as a binary choice between growth and fixed.

My guiding word for 2024 is expansive, because I am on the lookout for times when scarcity-based or fear-based thinking is winning out over their opposites. I want to build habits that are rooted in abundance and joy.

The word also appeals to me for three additional reasons:

  1. I recently heard a psychotherapist describe one of the main benefits of therapy as “helping people develop an expanded sense of self.” This resonated strongly with me, as I love to help people zoom out on their lives and get a broader sense of perspective.
  2. I am keen for my world to get bigger, not smaller. I want to spend time with people who develop that outlook in me, and I’d like to be that person for someone else. 
  3. In 2023, I sat with the word ‘spaciousness,’ and ‘expansive’ feels like it builds on that idea of creating more space in myself and for others.

So expansive fits. Now if only I could stop typing it as “expensive!”

Do you have a word for the year?

2 Replies to “Expansive”

  1. I too love expansiveness. And spaciousness. It is that feeling-place of more room, slowing down, choice, and having options. Which is actually true.

    I always appreciate your posts, Rebecca. Thank you from this reader (and many more) for the time and thought you put into them. I hope you continue your inspiration through 2024 in ever more expanding and supportive ways to your widening circle.

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