Draw on all your senses

You know what it feels like to have been sitting in one position for too long — the muscles that have been bent strangely and stuck in one spot are basically useless for a bit until you get them moving again.

Can this metaphor also apply to our senses, or to other ways we process information? I suspect so.

Drawing on all of your senses might seem like a strange piece of advice if you are trying to make wiser decisions in a corporate context. Surely there are higher priorities than that?

Perhaps, but we have had so much practice with talking and talking and talking and talking and a little bit of listening and more talking and more talking and occasionally some looking at visuals and more talking and talking and talking and maybe some more listening and…you get the idea.

Might some tactile work help us gain a new perspective? Manipulatives help kids learn math — I wonder what adults could learn from fiddling with some blocks or plasticine once in awhile?

I have no doubt that a well-curated playlist can change the vibe for the better.

We all know that good food never brought the quality of a meeting down.

Have you thought to bring an overflowing vase of flowers or a diffuser with some energizing essential oil fragrance into the space?

Think of the last time you stepped into a setting that was truly a feast for the senses. Maybe borrowing from some of that could help your group become more creative.

The ‘change of position’ will at least stretch some atrophying muscles. Feels awkward at first, but so much better afterwards.

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