Active Imagining

Reimagining your next chapter can sound like a passive experience of solitary daydreaming, but it’s anything but.

Reimagination is an active, intentional process. Here are three ways to lean into it:

  1. Engage your people. Embarking on a new season is an excellent opportunity to reach out for help, perhaps to a coach or mentor. I’ve written before about being inspired by the company you keep. It’s time to assemble the role models and cheerleaders who are going to hold space for you to muck around and keep you moving forward.
  2. Invest in yourself. Fred VanVleet was one of my favourite players on the NBA’s Toronto Raptors. Despite being undrafted out of college, his tenacity has led to an incredibly successful career. He was the first person I heard use the phrase, “Bet on yourself.” And one of the ways we can do that is to invest in experiences that are going to up our game. When we’ve invested heavily, we show up differently — with more commitment and a bit of extra swagger. It reminds us that our future self is worth it.
  3. Experiment. As I write this, I am sitting in Kelowna, British Columbia rather than in Guelph, Ontario where I usually live. My husband and I are starting a month of remote work here, motivated by a desire to watch our son play volleyball at UBC-O and to escape to a slightly gentler winter. But more than that, this trip is one in a series of experiments we’re running as we adjust to our “grown and flown” life without kids at home. As you consider what your next chapter looks like, what could you “try on for size” as a small bet that might yield outsized returns?

Imagination requires taking action.

And as usual, what you may initially perceive as an individual pursuit is actually more powerful as a collective one. It applies as much to organizations as it does to individuals — and it’s so much more effective when you don’t go it alone!

For those in Ontario, here is one specific way you could lean into this idea that covers all three of the bases above. For those in Ontario, here is one specific way you could lean into this idea that covers all three of the bases above. Enjoy nature, lively conversations, reflective time on the land, and learning at the upcoming Four Seasons of Transformation group coaching program at Heartwood Farm & Cidery, running between March and October. Click here to learn more and to sign up for an information session: February 7 and 14 from 12-1 pm ET. 

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