Rebecca brought a great combination of facilitation skill mixed with an appropriate amount of theory to help shape the outcome, which is a terrific blueprint to use throughout the months to come to continuously improve as a board.

David Merkley
Board Chair, YMCA-YWCA of Guelph

Rebecca, you did a fantastic job.  I liked the fast pace and your straightforward approach. I’ve participated in a number of strategy sessions before with other organizations where it felt like we were shovelling clouds and not getting anywhere and this was not at all what I experienced.

Board Member

Rebecca always delivers and never disappoints.

Director who sits on multiple community boards

Our gratitude and thanks to Rebecca also for her very warm, outgoing and engaging facilitation. I think everyone came away feeling that they had a chance to be heard and to join in. It’s a very tough issue and Rebecca handled it beautifully.

Board Chair

Thanks again for your support at last weeks board meeting. The feedback has been very strong and everyone left feeling energized and excited to get working.

Executive Director of a national association

This workshop was great! There were many tangible skills shared with us. I really appreciated the time to work on our own situation to lead to practical application of skills.

Fantastic workshop. I feel much more clear and confident about facilitation.

Rebecca’s energy and knowledge is amazing!

Facilitation Skills workshop participants
Conrad Grebel University College

Fantastic, practical, immediately usable.

Rebecca was incredibly fabulous! I really appreciate the opportunity to learn, apply and explore the content.

Very practical. Great energy.

Strategies for Effective Stakeholder Engagement workshop participants
Conrad Grebel University College

I took Rebecca’s Nimble Facilitation online course and since that time have found her to be a robust resource. We all get a tad nervous when people challenge the process designs we create. I found the course to be tremendously helpful in learning how to fortify my facilitation skills to handle challenging people and tricky moments. 

Since taking her course, I have reached out to Rebecca for guidance when designing meetings on hot topic issues. Her ability to listen to my concerns and help me navigate design issues was invaluable. Her experience, innate talent and wisdom are a comfort to me.

Rachel Gooen, MS, LCSW, Facilitator, Coach, and Catalyst
5th House Consulting, Missoula, MT

I had the good fortune to attend a workshop facilitated by Rebecca as a member of the Wyndham House Board. I left the workshop with clarity around my role on the Board at this moment and confidence to ask important questions as we work on our future strategic direction. Rebecca gave our Board a broad perspective but also put our work and mission into context for the decisions needed to guide the organization. Newly established and seasoned organizations will benefit from Rebecca’s guidance towards consensus on purpose and action.

Danielle Van Raalte
Wyndham House, Board of Directors

Rebecca helped us have difficult conversations and wade through complexity to focus on what was most important. She has wonderful facilitation skills and a pleasant style that makes everyone, from front line employees to board members, feel at ease and valued.

Tracy Elop
CEO, Carizon Family and Community Services

I really benefited from Rebecca’s coaching approach. I sometimes had difficulty articulating what I needed to help me address a situation or develop additional skills. Rebecca asked the right questions, provided guidance, and suggested resources to help me on my personal and professional development journey.

Kelly Giesbrecht
Regional Manager, Retention and Recruitment, Medical Affairs at Northern Health – BC

Rebecca is just very good at what she does. She is flexible in her approaches, and listens well to our needs. She is very thorough in planning. In a meeting, she has the uncommon ability to ‘roll with the blows.’ We have seen her address very difficult people at public meetings, and address issues as they arise very respectfully. She is able to think quickly on her feet and keep a meeting moving forward to meet the outcomes staff need. Her final reports are very comprehensive with thorough data analysis.

[Rebecca] has a breadth of experience (public, non-profit, institutional and private sectors) that informs and enhances all her services. She is very technically skilled and brings this to all her workshops and engagement activity design and planning. For example she considers and designs for multiple learning styles with a variety of information and different types of engaging and creative activities.

She is an excellent and dynamic communicator, speaks with clarity in “plain” language, and draws on lots of relevant examples to illustrate her ideas. She is highly organized and dependable. We also can count on Rebecca to manage some of our most challenging stakeholder groups.

Kate Bishop
Supervisor of Community Engagement, City of Guelph

Rebecca’s sessions are productive and engaging. She is both conscientious and adaptable. She can be counted on to build strong rapport with participants and to maintain high positive energy in the room. She models collaborative leadership even as she teaches it to others.

Personally I have found Rebecca to be dynamic, authentic, and passionate. She knows how to connect with people in a genuine manner that allows for trust and difficult conversations to happen. She creates dynamic environments that make innovation possible. She is also someone who consistently goes the extra mile and I deeply respect.

John Neufeld
Executive Director, House of Friendship

Rebecca is a master at taking complex work and boiling it down into manageable pieces. Professionals of all levels of experience with collaborative work will feel even more capable of tackling tough conversations and challenging group processes with Rebecca at the helm!

Alison Pearson
Manager, Children and Youth Planning Table, Waterloo Region

[Working with Rebecca] is like working with a trusted friend who steps in, analyzes what is needed, and then supports you to work towards that goal. The intention is in the best interests of the client. The work undertaken is confidential and professional and will leave you in a better place than you started.

Rebecca is a personable and professional consultant who delivers. She was able to quickly gather and analyze information, identify gaps and collaborate in order to engage stakeholders in implementation. The result has been an engaged board moving forward.

Lorri Sauve
Program Director, Shelldale Better Beginnings, Better Futures

Rebecca was exactly what our organization needed. An objective and fresh perspective that allowed us to examine the future of our organization critically. Rebecca’s style was engaging and effective and non-judgmental while keeping us focused on task. We are excited to see where the organization goes as a result of our work with Sage Solutions.

Board Executive Members
Learning Disabilities Association of Wellington County

Dr. Sutherns seems inevitably to display a large appetite for tackling tough and complex research and policy assignments with a combination of speed and comprehensiveness…You will enjoy working with Dr Sutherns, a fact to which I and many of her colleagues and clients can attest. She is a constant learner and critical optimist.

Dr. David Kupp
World Vision International

Positive, practical and insightful facilitator.

Facilitation Skills participant
Conrad Grebel University