About Rebecca

Rebecca Sutherns is the founder and CEO of Sage Solutions, an independent consulting firm that offers its clients strategic clarity and time well spent. Rebecca is a strong strategic analyst and Certified Professional Facilitator, trained in numerous facilitation methodologies. She is the Regional Director for Canada on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Facilitators. Rebecca has conducted community consultations, strategic planning, research and evaluation exercises for a range of clients in Canada and internationally. She is also a gifted communicator, whose practical and passionate style is appreciated during in-person consultations and in written documents.

Rebecca is an exceptionally quick learner who is able to synthesize multiple and complex components into a coherent whole. She designs engaging learning processes and knows how to communicate the final products creatively and clearly. Rebecca has an outstanding record of providing high quality processes and products, on time and within budget.

Academically, Rebecca holds a PhD in Rural Studies, with a focus on sustainable models of rural women’s health care in Ontario, and a Master’s in Public Administration, with an emphasis on public and voluntary sector governance and policy analysis.

Rebecca has worked in community development for more than 20 years in the voluntary, public and private sectors. She has facilitated strategic planning and governance processes for large and small organizations; provided strategic analysis to social and health policy makers; designed multistakeholder consultation processes; offered training in various communication skills and provided strategic coaching to leaders. Throughout this varied experience, Rebecca has gained exposure to a wide range of approaches and results. Her skills in “connecting the dots” and in gaining the trust of her colleagues allows her to use that accumulated wisdom for the benefit of her clients, most of whom have been repeat customers over many years.

In a voluntary capacity, Rebecca has served on several Boards of Directors in the fields of social services, health and education.

She loves trip planning, knitting and her busy family!