Listen for the Unsaid

One of the skills that differentiates a good facilitator from a great one is the ability to pay close attention to what’s not said. I’ve previously written about the importance of this discipline. You will often hear me ask a group, “How else could you have answered this question?” or “What do you notice about what responses have not [yet] appeared on this list?” It’s too easy to focus on what was actually said than on what could have been said. Both are instructive.

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High-Density Collaborative Techniques

I love facilitation techniques that are “high density”—that is, they pack a lot of meaning into a single exercise.

I have written previously about how the common technique of “dotmocracy” can be improved upon. I stand by those observations and wanted to show you a very recent example of why. It also provides greater detail to support a recent post about deciding how to decide before deciding. Continue reading “High-Density Collaborative Techniques”

Break the Bar

My sixteen-year-old daughter Genevieve has spent this semester of her Grade 12 year involved in an experiential business leadership program with 47 other students from across our region. One of their final assignments was to organize a charity gala in six weeks. That gala happened two nights ago. I’m still buzzing. It was a magical evening and one that I expect will be a transformative marker in the lives of many of those young people. The process was an amazing example of collaborative leadership that I trust you will find inspiring and relevant.

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Big Word

Do you have a “big word” for 2019?

You may have heard about this. Choosing a single word that acts as a “north star” for your year. Recently I’ve connected with people whose 2018 words were calm, conviction, action, pirate and steam train. The possibilities are endless, see?

I’m not very good at single words. I’m more of a “series of big categories” kind of thinker. But I did have a word to guide my work in 2018. It started out as “fearless.” Then it got either downgraded or upgraded, depending on your perspective, to “brave.” That seemed more authentic to me. I can’t control being fearful, but I can control if I behave bravely in the face of those fears.

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