Irrational Wisdom

Sometimes the best decision doesn’t make sense on paper.

If you’re not a basketball fan or Canadian, you may not have heard that Kawhi Leonard will not be returning to the Toronto Raptors next season because he’s going to play for the Los Angeles Clippers. Toronto fans were disappointed, but Kawhi is from southern California. As one fan said on Twitter, “Toronto offered Kawhi everything it possibly could have, and more than anywhere else did, except it can never be home. We can’t compete with that.” Continue reading “Irrational Wisdom”

Back Where You Started

The shared experience of collaborative planning is a significant outcome in itself. It can build a sense of team, increase depth of understanding, build common vocabulary, and give people a touchstone on which to call in the future when a group starts to drift.

But is that shared experience enough? Don’t we also need to produce something together through it? What happens if our shared experience is one of seemingly landing right back where we started?

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